Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Sword Display Part 2 @ Tian Xia Hui

Tian Xia Hui presents a new sword display!
It's in our Central Arena, alongside with the sword Xue Yin Dao introduced in previous post.

New Sword display - Part 2

It's the infamous Jue Shi Hao Jian, literally means "The best sword ever".
The sword is carried by the character Cloud, the enemy of the antagonist Wind in the famous comic The Storm Riders.
Same as the Xue Yin Dao, it is also designed according to real life dimensions and descriptions.

Both the swords Xue Yin Dao and Jue Shi Hao Jian  are for display only and not for sale, but soon some new swords will be out for sale in Tian Xia Hui. Please stay tuned!

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