Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Introducing Brand New Furniture Line in Tian Xia Hui!

Hello all!
We are pleased to announce that the Tian Xia Hui sim is introducing a brand new line of ancient Chinese furniture, for both the sim AND your own SL home!

New Furniture Line @ Tian Xia Hui - 2
New Furniture Line @ Tian Xia Hui - 2

Every piece of furniture shown above is available for purchase... even the wall pictures and vase!
Now you can not only be in a lost dynasty in Tian Xia Hui, you can transform your SL home into one too!

They are available at the Tian Xia Hui Furniture Showroom - on the right hand side of the Charming mainstore, and also on SL Marketplace soon!.

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