Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dragon Struggle Programme @ Tian Xia Hui

Hello all! We are introducing a brand new event in Tian Xia Hui!
Details below :)

-Dragon Struggle- (Chinese Martial Arts Learning Programme)

Welcome to TianXiaHui, the perfect place for practicing martial arts in Second Life! Join us to experience the wonders of Chinese martial arts!

The founder of TianXiaHui, Mr. ZeroNick is a passionate marial art lover himself. The community was created due to his passion towards the sport. After learning and practicing Chinese martial arts for years, Mr. ZeroNick realized the amazing powers of Chinese martial arts. Not only that the sport strengthens one's body, it also unwinds one's mind and promotes spiritual development.

The three currently private areas in TianXiaHui - Wind Hall, Cloud Hall and Frost Hall - will be opened to the public in the near future. Visitors can learn different styles of martial arts in the three halls and experience the wonders of Chinese martial arts.

Traditional Chinese outfits will be provided to martial art learners for an enjoyable learning experience.
Also, a level system is specially designed for the learners. In lower levels, learners acquire battling skills while in higher levels, they learn techniques to fight with weapons. Tournaments are also being held regularly to enhance learning outcomes. Rankings are posted after each tournament.

For more details of Dragon Struggle,please contact the NPC coaches around TianXiaHui.

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