Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Exclusive offer - Your Unique Sword!

This is the JingJi Sword (驚寂刀: literally means the sword that breaks the silence), the latest release from Tian Xia Hui.

We are putting this amazing sword aside for ONE CUSTOMER only, so this will be a unique sword for one of you!

Exclusive Sword for only 1 Customer!

This sword is included in our Owner Recruitment Scheme, which only one customer can eventually own this sword. 

To match with the features of swords/blades, there are different requirements for the owner. This time,  customers who knows Japanese are preferred to own this sword as the menu inside the sword is in Japanese.

If you are interested in being the sole owner of JingJi Sword (驚寂刀), please contact ZeroNick Xue for interview and price negotiation. 

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