Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello all! First post for the Tian Xia Hui Updates blog

Hello all!

This blog for any updates for the Second Life sim Tian Xia Hui.

Here you can find the latest activities and events being held inworld, as well as latest release from the shops in Tian Xia Hui.

For those who does not know about Tian Xia Hui, here's an introduction for you:

Tian Xia Hui (Chinese: 天下會) in Second Life is a sim for you to explore the Chinese culture and enjoy the beauty of traditional Chinese architeture.

Feel like going on a shopping spree? Check out the shopping area. From ancient houses and oriental furnitures to stylish hairstyles and qipaos, you can find anything you need for immersing in a forgotten dynasty.

Be sure to visit Charming (formerly Frozen Pavilion) ,which specialises traditional Chinese clothings suitable for different roleplaying situations, for a head-to-toe look matching perfectly with the delicately decorated sim.

Have a glass of green tea and rest under that red pavilion on the mountain, unwind yourself and relax in Tian Xia Hui!

Please stay tuned for any news, and feel free to visit us inworld:

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